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Link ECU Drift Kit: Link Fury Wirein ECU + Dash + Lambda + Loom Kit + 20% Off

Link ECU Drift Kit: Link Fury Wirein ECU + Dash + Lambda + Loom Kit + 20% Off


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The Drift Kit for Drift Kings.....

Serious Drifting takes control and while you're in control of the car you need to be sure that your engine is also being controlled exactly how you want it to be. There is no better way to know that you have an engine control unit doing its job than with a fast CAN enabled dash. Just 2 wires to the ECU and everything is on display no more extra sensors.

Couple that with a control unit built from the latest automotive hardware, that has on board digital wideband controller for ultra fast accurate fuel ratio measurement, precise individual ignition and fuel control with drivers for both saturated and Peak and Hold Injectors, a full suite of motorsport features; Multi Mode multi table launch control; Anti lag; Awesome traction control strategy with controlled slip ( just add an off switch and call it drift mode ); Gear shift control, even for H pattern boxes with flat shift for sequential gearbox control.

Electronic Throttle Control, Boost Control, Knock Control, VVT and VVTI Control Including: (1UZFE VVTi; Subaru AVCS; EVO 9 VVT; BMW VANOS; Toyota 3SGE, 1ZZ, IJZ, 2NZ, 2JZ; Honda K20; Nissan VQ35; Ford V8; Holden V6).
Starter motor control: Stop Start Button, flick of the key start, Cruise Control, Anti Theft, Air con, Idle Control. Just listing some of the features gets boring, luckily though they are all a breeze to setup and use.

Massive range of standard vehicle engine position sensors which means you more than probably don't need to change your timing wheel or cam position sensor there is even a decode mode to add more..... and it goes without saying if your other sensors are not listed in the drop downs then you can just add a custom calibration of your own.

Complete with industry leading safety limiting and limp home features should things go wrong.

Easy to use and concise PCLink software which contains everything you need including all wiring diagrams. 100 Channel, triggered 100HZ Logging and Software oscilloscope for trigger diagnostics.

All these features open to use, no archaic extra licenses to buy like other manufacturers. Except for the Dash 2 Options like the ability to add GoPro Video Control and Overlay! (optional extra from the Race technology site)

You're onto a winner with this amazing deal:
Link Fury ECU
Link Dash Pro 2
ECU to Dash Cable
2 ECU connectors
Engine loom wire kit
Bosch LSU4.9 Oxygen sensor
Plus 20% off our extensive range of engine connectors.

This example Drift Kit Price = £2999 inc VAT. (Export and EU VAT Registrations Exempt £2499) contact us for a kit to meet your exact needs.

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