BHP Link A Base Loom - 2.5m

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BHP Link A Base Loom.

Perfect for the Atom and Monsoon and easy to re-pin the CAN wires for use in Storm, Xtreme, Fury & Thunder. Save time and start with the perfect fully expanded base loom that will minimise human errors enabling you to create a finished loom in just a few hours.

Save yourself time and frustration with this base loom, already spliced ready to accept your required sensor and actuator connectors, you can complete a loom in just a few hours. Constructed to very high standards using AVSS spec cable and genuine TE and Delphi connecters and terminals, machine crimped and pull tested and fully continuity checked. All wires have their termination location printed either end of the wire and are colour coded making termination a very easy task with minimal ability for human error.

Fully Documented Built A Base Loom created to enable loom production to be fast whilst being expandable, adaptable and error free.

Connectors: 34 Way Link A, 14 Way Body, 4 way CAN. 14 and 4 way mating connectors and terminals.

In the Package: 2.5m Loom, ECU & Fuel Pump Relays and Fuses, 14 & 4 Way connectors and terminals and Loom Documentation.

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