Motorsport Electronics NODIZ Pro Ignition Only ECU With Ford Zetec / Duratec Loom - Bike Carbs or DCOES

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If you have the factory Coil Pack and Crank Sensor on your Zetec/Duratec, and are using carbs for fuelling, then this package is EVERYTHING you need to have it up and running in MINUTES!

It’s a fully 3D map-able ignition system that varies the engines ignition advance based on both speed and optionally if required throttle position/manifold pressure. It benefits from inbuilt coil drivers, (so no need for EDIS modules or external igniters), as well as it also supporting factory trigger wheels as used on various engines such as Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, VW and of course Ford.

If you want to get, for example, your Zetec/XE/Duratec etc on Webers/DGAS/Bike Carbs up and running, making excellent power using a pre-loaded map developed by us, with minimal wiring fuss (just click on the connectors to your factory crank sensor and coil pack), then the NODIZ Pro is for you – you can be up and running in minutes…

The units arrive with a fully terminated loom to suit the engine it has been configured for (FORD in this case – please see the images to confirm they match your engine), as well as loaded with an optimised base-map that has been developed in house on our L&S engine dynamometer and rolling road tuned our Dyno-Dynamics rolling road.

A recap of the NODIZ Pro’s features:

  • 3D Mappable Ignition Controller with Inbuilt Coil Drivers – No EDIS Module or other parts required.
  • Fully terminated loom to suit the coil pack and crank sensor of your engine – click on and start!
  • Dyno optimised preloaded ignition map – excellent power results, safe and reliable.
  • Soft & Hard Cut Limiters – keep the engine safe at high rpms.
  • Launch Control – for perfect launches every time. 
  • Programmable Outputs – For Shift Lights/VTEC/VVT/Fans etc
  • 12V Tachometer Output – suits most OEM dashboards.
  • Splash-Proof and small form factor – mount easily in the engine bay.
  • Custom Tune-able with the free EZ-Tune Software – Custom mapping if you want it via Bluetooth or RS232 Serial Connection
  • Bluetooth™ – Use the included USB Dongle or use the free dash App for Android.

What you will receive…

  • Brand new NODIZ Pro Ignition System with in-house Dyno optimised pre-loaded ignition map.
  • Wiring Loom pre-made and fitted with crank sensor and coil pack connector, power and ground eyelets and flying leads for TPS/MAP sensor. (Check Images to Ensure correct plugs).
  • Spare Pins for the other features such as shift light, launch control, tacho, etc
  • RS232 Extension Cable. If you only have USB, select the optional FTDI Serial -> USB Cable.
  • Stickers

In addition to the above most direct and simple installation, the NODIZ Pro™ also features the following:
  • 16 Load by 16 Speed Sites, with full 3D interpolation and user definable Speeds/Loads.
  • User settable RPM Soft and Hard Cut Rev Limiters.
  • In-built coil drivers, no need for EDIS or other modules.
  • Cranking based advance angle to help start high compression engines.
  • A programmable Shift Light output.
  • 12v Tachometer Output.
  • Launch Control
  • A programmable output based on either RPM (i.e. V-TEC control), coolant temperature (i.e. Fan Control) or Intake temperature (i.e. Water Injection control).
  • Bluetooth™ & Serial Communication and Free Dash App

Digital Dash for Android

Also, use your android phone or tablet for a fully featured digital dashboard. Android dashboard software is available from the Google Play store, free of charge

What’s in the box?

  • Plug-n-Play Ford Loom (Zetec style crank sensor and coil pack required)
  • RS232 Extension Cable


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