Link ECU G4X Atom X Storm X Xtreme X Thunder Non VVTI 1UZFE 1UZ-FE 1UZ Wiring Engine Loom ONLY with K20 Compatibility

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Full Engine Loom to fit 1UZFE NON VVTI Manual Transmission and Link Wire-in Range of ECU's - Atom X / Monsoon X / Storm X / Xtreme X / Fury / Thunder

AVSS Automotive thin-wall wire used throughout


ECU's are supplied separately.

Loom will be supplied braided and labeled as per the photo and compete with high quality 60mm bulkhead grommet. (Heat-shrink Finish Available if Preferred)

Loom comes standard with:

  • New BHP Standard Multiway Delphi Body Connector, with spare ECU connections terminated.
  • ISO OBD2 CAN Output (to connect standard OBD2 diagnostics / Tablets and Mobile Devices)
  • Oil Pressure Connection

Price is the same for any ignition configuration but must be stated when ordering as follows:

  1. Standard Coil
  2. Wasted Spark (Zetec Coil Pack)
  3. K20 Individual Coil on Plug

All looms are made to order and as such can have extra wires added cost is £12 per wire.

Extras can Include:

Drive By Wire Throttle (E-Throttle)

Wideband Lambda Sensor (Fury and Thunder)

Knock Sensor (Storm, Xtreme, Fury, Thunder)

Fuel Pressure

Sump Pressure

and many more possibilities

Looms are made in batches and can take up to 10 working Days to complete.

You will need to contact us once purchased to ensure we have correct configuration noted for your loom.

Full engine management kits available for the Ford Sierra Cosworth YB Engine fitted to any car.

Please contact us to discuss any other technicalities we have not covered.

Link Engine Management have a limited lifetime warranty- There are no tricks, no catches; if its breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we will repair or replace no questions askedÉ :) All Link ECUS are 100% designed, developed & tested in New Zealand.

Brands Hatch Performance install and map ECU's every week, and Link have our full approval, One of the Most Advanced entry Level ECU's on the market with one of the best support networks out there.

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