LINK ECU G4+ G4X Knock Link KnockLink Engine Knock Detection Light with Knock Sensor with Loom KNLK

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This Kit Includes: 

Knock Link 

Knock Sensor With Loom  

The KnockLink G4 is the only device on the market that requires no setup. Other systems require time consuming gain, frequency and noise settings to be adjusted. Without proper knock listening tools, this can prove difficult if not impossible. The KnockLink requires none of this, just wire in and start the engine.

Even light detonation will damage an engine over time. The G4 KnockLink's microprocessor continuously scans the knock signal and warns for any knock occurring. The engine's RPM and load is automatically 3D profiled by the KnockLink, continuously storing and dynamically adjusting this noise profile map while looking for the particular knock frequency.

The G4 KnockLink is the only self-calibrating ignition warning instrument on the market.

Connect to either your existing unused sensor or, preferably, add an additional sensor.

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