Link G4+ Thunder ECU Ford RS Cosworth YB engine Kit with Wiring Engine Loom & Bosch 550cc / 1000cc Injectors & K20 Coils - Full Motorsport

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At BHP we have spent a long time perfecting the installation of Link ECU's into Cosworth YB Powered Cars including the Sierra & Escort RS Cosworth and a multitude of RWD cars (Mk1/2 Escort, Capri's, Anglia's plus some very odd vehicles)

We have now put together definitive kits to bring your YB up to date with a new Link G4+ ECU. The ECU will run individual injector and ignition trim, plus a selection of optional motorsport features like Launch control and Anti Lag. The Link ECU will also come with much better engine protection, which is what is very lacking in the standard Weber, thats pretty much why the engine becomes unreliable when tuned .

The Cosworth Loom kit includes the following: Link G4+ Thunder ECU, Base Map, Full engine loom,4x BOSCH 550cc or 1000cc Injectors Mulithole Injectors With Height Adaptors , 4x Honda K20 coil's with mounting brackets, Distributor cover & Boost Controller with bracket & 4 Bar Map Sensor.

The Kit we are selling is a comprehensive kit and allows you to sell the following items (Dependant on ECU) to help fund the new install:
ECU, Loom, Ignition Amp & bracket, Ignition Leads, Injectors, MAP Sensor & bracket & AMAL Valve. This can add up to quite a lot of money nowadays making this kit very cost effective.

Link G4+ Thunder ECU Specification:

The Link G4+ Thunder ECU has more input, more output and more features than any other Link ECU. It is optimised for high end applications requiring maximum performance, flexibility and tuning control. The Link G4+ Thunder Controls Engines up to 8 Cylinder fully sequential and 12 cylinder with banked injection and wasted spark.

The Thunder ECU has 16 digital and 16 analogue inputs, 18 X auxiliary outputs, 8 Injection & 8 Ignition drivers, 4 Temperature inputs and runs features like 3 Axis Accelerometer , K Type Onboard Thermocouples, Onboard Digital Wideband, Ethrottle Controllers, Knock Control, Launch Control, Anti Lag and all the other G4+ Motorsport Features

It uses the same pinout for the A & B Connectors giving seamless upgrading from all the other Link ECUs. The Link Thunder has 2 additional Connectors (C & D ) for increased Capacity.

The Link G4+ Thunder ECU has 2 X 34 pin Waterproof Connector & 2 X 26 Pin Waterproof Connectors mounting bracket and USB tuning cable & Link Stickers



16 x Digital Inputs (e.g Vehicle Speed & Logging Switch etc)

4 x Temperature Inputs Ê(e.g Water & Inlet Air Temperature etc)

16 x 0-5V Analog Volt Inputs (e.g Oil Pressure etc)

2 x Trigger Inputs

2 x Knock Inputs


8 x Injection Drives

8 x Ignition Drivers

18 x Auxiliary Outputs* (e.g Fuel Pump , Fans , Boost control , 02 Heater etc)

+5V Sensor Power Supply

+8V Sensor Power Supply


2 x CAN Bus

1 x Serial RS232 Connection

2 x Thirty Four pin Waterproof Connectors

2 X Twenty Six pin Waterproof Connectors

1 x USB tuning connection


1 X 3 Axis Accelerometer - Lateral G (Cornering), Longitudinal G ( Acceleration/Braking), Vertical G

2 X K-type Onboard Thermocouple Inputs meaning high accuracy for high temperature situations e.g Exhaust Gas Temperature sensing.

2 X Onboard Digital Wideband

2 X E-throttle Controllers - For engines that have two electronic throttle bodies

2 X Knock Control Inputs (Monitor each bank on a V Engine)

16 X Digital Input (6 cab be differential reluctor e.g Speed Sensor) - ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

18 X Auxiliary Outputs - Lights , Solenoids , Gauges, Switches, Relays etc

Digital Wideband - Onboard Wideband control giving simple and accurate fuel tuning.

8 Peak and Hold Injection Drivers - User definable

10 amp peak, 3 amp hold.

30 General Purpose tables and many dedicated tables.

100 Channels of logging

32Mb (4 MByte) of logging memory

Built in Trigger Oscilloscope

Mixture Map - Closed Loop Fuel Correction

OBDII Output stream- Send Engine Data to your table or phone using an OBD II to wifi/bluetooth adaptor (Not included)

Plus all other G4+ features

More Details found here:

The ECU also features the ability to run a windows 10 tablet (£125 Amazon) for tuning, diagnostics and just to use as a Dash. The CAN output can run a standard ISO diagnostic port just like a modern car.

Link ECUs also come with a LIFETIME Warranty!

Cosworth Engine Loom Specification:

AVSS Automotive thin-wall wire used throughout and genuine TYCO and DELPHI Connectors.

Loom will be supplied braided and labeled as per the photo and compete with high quality 60mm bulkhead grommet. (Heat-shrink Finish Available if Preferred)

Loom comes standard with:

  • New Panasonic micro relays.
  • New BHP Standard Multiway Delphi Body Connector, with spare ECU connections terminated.
  • ISO OBD2 CAN Output (to connect standard OBD2 diagnostics / Tablets and Mobile Devices)
  • Fuel Pressure Connection where applicable.
  • Oil Pressure Connection where applicable.

All looms are made to order and as such can have extra wires added cost is £12 per wire.

Extras can Include:

Drive By Wire Throttle (E-Throttle) (Xtreme)

Wideband Lambda Sensor (Fury and Thunder)

Knock Sensor (Storm, Xtreme, Fury, Thunder)

Fuel Pressure

Sump Pressure

and many more possibilities

Looms are made in batches and can take up to 10 working Days to complete.

You will need to contact us once purchased to ensure we have correct configuration noted for your loom.

Please contact us to discuss any other technicalities we have not covered.

We also have a Kit based around the Link FURY ECU which can include Drive by wire throttle which maximises engine torque, enables speed limit and cruise control, and loads of additional sensors can be added for both precise control and safety. Due to the specification of this kit we run this with one of our project specialist so contact us for more information.

Fitting and Mapping also available! - Call us to discuss.

0% interest Free Finance Available!

Any Questions give us a call on 01474850666!

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