SCS Delta 900 ECU includes USB to Can Interface

SCS Delta 900 ECU includes USB to Can Interface

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SCS Delta 900 is a true top tier engine control unit. Featuring dual drive by wire, quad cam control, dual onboard wideband lambda and advanced software stratagies it can control almost any modern engine. 

Solenoid and piezo gasoline direct injection engines are also supported with up to 8

cylinders (in combination with our range of driver modules)

With enough I0 to control almost any car with whichever engine and gearbox combination required.

Advanced CAN bus communications gives the possiblity to control BMWs CAN bus activated throttles on the S65 V8 and S85 V10.

Additionally full user defined CAN inputs and outputs to integrate with modern dash display and PM solutions.


Up to 8 cylinders sequential injection & direct ignition

Up to 12 cylinders sequential injection & wasted spark

Dual Drive-by-wire throttle control

Twin electronic turbocharger wastegate control

VE, Alpha-N, speed density or hybrid Alpha-N with MAP

correction load Input

Variable camshaft timing control for up to 4 camshafts

Stereo onboard wideband lambda control

Stereo narrowband lambda

Closed loop boost control with overboost fuel cut

protection and gear offsets

Hi or Low side VTEC control

Dual CAN-BUS for OEM integration, E-OBD and

motorsport dashboards/loggers

LIN bus

Closed or open loop gear cut with paddleshift control

Map switching for fuel, ignition, boost and Drive-by-Wire

Traction control with driver controlled slip setting

Smart charge alternator control (PWM and LIN)

Anti-lag system

Launch control

Dual DSP knock control

User defined CAN inputs and outputs

Individual cylinder trim maps for both fuel and ignition

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