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Link Engine Management - Link ECU - Link G4+ Storm ECU - Brands Hatch Performance

Link ECU G4+ Storm ECU - Top Quality Advanced Wirein ECU Will fit Most Engines inc Odd Fire


No other company will look after you like Brands Hatch Performance! When looking to buy a new Link ECU, we will be with you every step of the way; Sales, installation, Tuning, after-sales & upgrades.
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Pre and Post sales support - with our expert knowledge we will help you decide which ECU and accessories are best for you
Once you purchase them we will be there for you every step of the way with as little or as much help that you need to get the equipment installed and tuned.
Even if you try to fit your ECU and fail we offer a flat fee fix service where we will fix any problems you have and also explain where you went wrong, so you get a great learning experience and a working installation.
Available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm by Phone - After Hours on Facebook or Via Email.
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Link G4+ Storm ECU:

The Link G4+ Storm offers most of Link Engine Management advanced tuning features at an extremely competitive price. The Storm ECU has 8 X digital and analogue inputs , 8 X outputs and can run more features like Knock Control, VVT Control, Launch Control and Anti Lag.

The Link G4+ Storm ECU runs the same microprocessor & firmware as the Link G4+ Xtreme. It is fully configurable with no preset Inputs / Outputs, has 32Mb of  Logging Memory & Motorsport features.

The Link G4+ Storm ECU has 2 X 34 pin Waterproof Connector, mounting bracket and USB tuning cable & Link Stickers *

A & B *34 Pin Plug or an ‘A’ & ‘B’ Plug AVSS Automotive Quality Loom is required which are sold separately (400m , 2.5M & 5M lengths available) 


Engine Configurations:

2-12 Cylinder Distributed

2-8 Cylinder Wasted Spark

2-4 Cylinder Direct Spark

Rotor Engines

Odd Fire Engines

2 Stroke Engines

Configurable Firing Order

Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)


8 x Digital Inputs (e.g Vehicle Speed & Logging Switch etc)

3 x Temperature Inputs  (e.g Water & Inlet Air Temperature etc)

8 x 0-5V Analog Volt Inputs (e.g Oil Pressure etc)

2 x Trigger Inputs

2 x Knock Inputs


8 x Injection Drives

8 x Ignition Drivers

8 x Auxiliary Outputs* (e.g Fuel Pump , Fans , Boost control , 02 Heater etc)

+5V Sensor Power Supply

+8V Sensor Power Supply


1 x CAN Bus

2 x Thirty Four pin Waterproof Connector

1 x USB tuning connection


Built in trigger oscilloscope

Onboard Continuous barometric correction

32Mb (4 MByte) of logging memory

Memo text file for the tuners notes stored within the ECU

Quicktune - automated fuel tuning

Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping

Precision closed loop cam control  [four cam , independant control]

Sequential fuel and ignition delivery

Digital triggering, most OEM patterns

Motorsport features including anti lag and launch control

5D boost control with three switchable tables

Resettable statistics recording into onboard memory

Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps

Individual Cylinder Correction

VVT Control

Odd-fire engines & Two Stroke

*Spare Injection and Ignition Channel can be Auxiliary outputs

Boost Control reference to gear, speed or throttle position

Sync and Crank Sensor can be a combination of Hall effect, Variable reluctance or optical

Staged Injection

Runs on PC Link software

Fuel Adjustments:

Up to 440 Zone fuel table with configurable load and RPM centers

Configurable X & Y Parameters

Multiple Fuel tables

Up to 6D Fuel Mapping

Injection Rate

Master Enrichment

Pre Crank Prime

Crank Enrichment

Post Start up Enrichment

Warm up  Enrichment

Acceleration Enrichment

IAT Fuel Correction

Injector Deadtime Compensation

Overrun Fuel Cut

Idle Load Trims

Fuel Temperature Correction

Ignition Adjustments:

Up to 440 Zone Ignition table with configurable load and RPM Centers

Configurable X & Y Parameters

Closed loop knock control

Crank Dwell Extension

Maximum Advance

AFR / Lambda Table Correction

Spark Duration

Dwell Time Table - Configurable X & Y Parameters

Individual Cylinder Trim

Individual Cylinder Tables

Multiple Ignition Tables

Up to 6D Ignition Mapping

Individual Cylinder Ignition Trim

IAT Trim

Voltage Correction

ECT Trim

OEM Compatibility

CDI Compatibility


Digital Trigger Decoding

Reluctor, Optical Proximity or Hall Sensors

Programmable filtering and arming thresholds

Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options

Supports nearly all OEM trigger patterns and custom trigger arrangements


8 Injector Drives

Sequential Injection Mode

Grouped Injection Mode

Staged Injection Mode

Single Point Injection Mode

5A Maximum Saturated Current

5A Auxiliary Current

Quick tune ( Automated fuel tuning)

Multiple fuel equations

Barometric Pressure Compensation

Multiple Switched fuel tables

Multiple overlayed fuel tables

AFR target table

Individual Cylinder fuel trims (3D)

Pre-Crank Prime (2D)

Crank enrichment (2D)

Post Start Enrichment (2D)

Warm Up Enrichment (3D)

Acceleration Enrichment (3D)

Air Temperature Correction (3D)

Injector deadtime voltage correction (3D)

Overrun Fuel Cut ( 2D)

Fuel Temperature Correction

Idle Load Trims

Master fuel adjustment

Injector test function

Injection angle Adjustment ( 3D)

Narrowband closed loop lambda

Wideband closed loop lambda  


8 Ignition drives

8 Direct spark ignition mode

12 Distributed ignition mode

12 Twin Distributed ignition mode

2 Rotary wasted leading spark, direct trailing spark

2 Rotary direct leading spark, direct trailing spark

7V squarewave drive signal

2.2A auxiliary current

Adjustable dwell mode

Dwell control (3D)

Engine temperature trim (3D)

Inlet air temperature trim (3D)

Multiple Switched Ignition tables

Multiple Overlayed ignition tables

Individual Cylinder ignition trims (3D)

Transient ignition retard


RPM Limit - Engine temperature controlled

MAP Limit - Engine temperature controlled

Speed Limit - Set or Switchable

Dual general purpose limits (e.g Oil Pressure)

Overvoltage limit

Optional Hard Cut

Progressive Cut control

Selectable Fuel or Ignition limiting

Ignition Trim

Adjustable control range

Selectable cut effect ( adaptive or constant)

Auxiliary Outputs:

8 Auxiliary Outputs

8 Lowside Outputs

4 Highside Outputs

2.2 Normal lowside current limit A

5 Normal highside current limit A

*Unused fuel drives can be used as outputs

*Unused ignitions drives can be used as outputs

Test mode ( PWM or On/Off)

Idle Speed Control Solenoid

Boost Control Solenoid

General Purpose PWM (3D)

General Purpose switched (conditional)

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Speed

Engine Fan

Air Con Fan

Air Con Clutch

Intercooler Water Spray


Check engine light

Purge solenoid

VVT solenoid

Hold Power relay

Speedo Signal

Ethrottle Relay

Oxy heater

Cam solenoid (Lift or angle adjust)

Inlet runner control solenoid

Tumble generation Valve

Virtual Auxiliary channel x 3

Stepper motor control ( 4 wire / Bipolar)

Stepper motor control (6 wire / Unipolar)

Analog Inputs:

3 Temperature inputs

Engine Coolant temperature

Inlet air temperature

Fuel temperature

Engine Oil Temperature

Gearbox Oil Temperature

Diff Oil Temperature

Mass air flow sensor- Air temperature

General Purpose temperature

8 Voltage inputs

Throttle Position Sensor

Foot Position Sensor

Wideband Lambda Signal

General Purpose Voltage

General Purpose input

Oil Pressure

Fuel Pressure

General Purpose Pressure

Exhaust Gas temperature  ( From external controller)

Narrow Band 02 Sensor

Rotary Oil metering pump position

Tumble generation valve position

Stepper motor position

Crankcase pressure

Damper position

Configurable calibration tables

Configurable fault setting

Voltage channels can measure temperature with external resistor

Internal barometric pressure sensor

ECU Temperature

Calculated inputs:

Gear Position

Adjustable control ranger

Wheel Slip


Digital Inputs:

8 Inputs

General purpose switch

4 general purpose frequency

1.6V rising trigger

1.0V falling trigger

Vehicle speed

Aircon request

Intercooler water spray request

Anti theft request

Power Steering pressure Switch

Neutral Switch

Throttle Closed Switch

Speed Limit request

VVT Cam position

Gear shift cut request

Start position switch

Clutch switch

Brake Switch

Turbo RPM

Digital Mass airflow sensor

Various Wheel and shaft speeds

Siemens E85 Sensor

Boost Control:

Open and Closed loop Control

Multiple tables (3D)

Engine temperature trim

Inlet air temperature trim

Gear based trim

External adjustment (high/low switch)

Idle Control:

Closed loop and open loop modes

Stepper motor control ( 4 Wire / Bipolar)

Stepper motor control ( 6 Wire / Unipolar)

Solenoid control

External electronic throttle control

Idle up tables

Knock control:

2 internal Knock Inputs

Adjustable Frequency

Adjustable Gain ( Per Cylinder)

Individual Cylinder detection

Individual Cylinder ignition retard

Adjustable detection angle (start/end)

Noise threshold table (3D)

Adjustable Ignition retard sensitivity

Configurable Ignition reintroduction

Variable Valve Timing Control:

Up to 4 Cams independent control

Supports Many OEM Applications

Closed loop control

Cam angle target tables (3D)

Optional cam centerline display

Motorsport Features:

Antilag: Various activation modes, fuel enrichment (3D), Ignition Cut (3D) , Ignition retard, Cyclic idle (normal and cool down), Dual enrichment - Cut and retard tables, Idle Speed Solenoid override and safety time out.

Launch Control: Progressive cut control, selectable fuel or ignition limiting, selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant), Adjustable Control range, Vehicle speed controlled, Clutch switch controlled, Launch fuel trim ( 3D) & Launch ignition trim (3D)

Gear Cut Control: Timed or controlled modes, Adjustable progressive cut levels, Power re-introduction control, Ignition retard control, Fuel enrichment control & cut duration based on gear

Statistic Logging


Internal Temperature Range -10 to 85C

Ambient Temperature Range -30 to 90C

Voltage 8 - 22V

Operating Current 200mA

Electrical Protection on all inputs and Outputs

PCLINK Software:

Adjust ALL parameters in real time

Mouse or Keyboard operation


Quicktune - Automated Fuel Self tuning

Logging Analysis

Diagnostic information

Built In Help

Definable Screen Layouts

View Over 400 Possible Runtime Parameters

Tuning: Configurable panels, Surface plotting, Password protection, Error logging, Multiple gauges, Keyboard Support, Time Plot , XY plot, Histogram, Multiple Pages , Parameter search function, Context sensitive help browser , Firmware updater, Fault code display, PC logging, Runtime values dialog, Full Wiring manual , Full tuning manual, Full software operation manual


Length - 170mm

Width - 130mm

Height - 44mm

Weight -  720 grams

Connector - 2 X 34 Way Pin Waterproof Automotive

Manufacturing Standard:

ISO 13485

Link Engine Management have a limited lifetime warranty- There are no tricks, no catches; if its breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we will repair or replace no questions asked… :) All Link ECUS are 100% designed, developed & tested in New Zealand.

Brands Hatch Performance install and map ECU's every week, and Link have our full approval, One of the Most Advanced entry Level ECU's on the market with one of the best support networks out there.

We can also make or part make looms to your requirements.

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