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Link ECU G4X Storm X ECU - Top Quality Advanced Wirein ECU Will fit Most Engines inc Odd Fire


No other company will look after you like Brands Hatch Performance! When looking to buy a new Link ECU, we will be with you every step of the way; Sales, installation, Tuning, after-sales & upgrades.
Massive stocks so you won’t be left waiting for parts or cancelling race day.
Pre and Post sales support - with our expert knowledge we will help you decide which ECU and accessories are best for you
Once you purchase them we will be there for you every step of the way with as little or as much help that you need to get the equipment installed and tuned.
Even if you try to fit your ECU and fail we offer a flat fee fix service where we will fix any problems you have and also explain where you went wrong, so you get a great learning experience and a working installation.
Available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm by Phone - After Hours on Facebook or Via Email.
Decide you should have purchased an ECU with more features?
1 Month -Upgrade for the price difference!
6 Months - Upgrade for the price difference +15%
1+ Year - Upgrade for the Price difference +35%
Previous Generation - Upgrade for 60% of retail.
Lifetime Warranty - unlike most other ECU’s your ECU is protected from failure for life.
0% Interest Free Finance Available - 01474850666 for more details


Advanced tuning features at an affordable price.  

The Link G4X StormX ECU is the latest version of our trusty, mid-sized ECU. With eight injector and eight ignition drives, it allows sequential injection and direct spark on engines with up to eight cylinders or four rotors. 

The StormX has all the upgrades of the AtomX and MonsoonX but offers more advanced tuning features like a built in Trigger Oscilloscope, Stepper Motor Idle Control, Rotary Oil Metering Pump Control, Onboard Knock Control, Open and Closed Loop Boost Control plus most Motorsport features including Full Gear Shift Control, Antilag and Launch Control. 

The StormX has expanded data logging and is more responsive with a higher bandwidth than its G4+ Storm predecessor. G4X features 512 megabytes of logging at 32bit using up to 250 channels, each limited to up to 1kHz per channel (by the Operating System), with a maximum of 100kHz.

It also features 8 x faster communications speed, allowing you to download logs 8 x faster and pushes all the logging quickly up to a new and improved PCLink – available for download below in the features tab. 


8 x Digital inputs

3 x Temperature inputs

8 x Analog inputs

2 x Trigger Inputs

2 x Knock Inputs


8 x Injection drives

8 x Ignition drivers

8 x Auxiliary outputs^

+5V Sensor power supply

+8V Sensor power supply

^unused fuel and ignition drives can be used as additional Aux outputs


1 x CAN bus

1 x USB tuning connection

Upgraded communications chip (at least 8 x faster than G4+ V2)  

Advanced features not found on the smaller Link ECUs (AtomX and MonsoonX):

-Built in trigger oscilloscope.

-Onboard Knock Control – support for two knock sensors wired directly to the ECU.  No external amplifier required.

-Boost control can be open or closed loop with up to three switchable tables.

-Idle valve solenoid or stepper motor control.

-Rotary oil metering pump control.

-Most Motorsport features including full gear shift control, antilag and launch control

-Up to 4 fully variable closed loop VVT cams.

Physical Specifications:

  • Length: 170 mm
  • Width: 130 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Weight: 680 grams
  • Connector : Two x 34 Pin Waterproof connectors

Package Contents:

  • Storm G4+ ECU
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Wiring and Installation Instructions
  • ECU to USB tuning cable

Manufacturing Standard ISO 13485

Link Engine Management have a limited lifetime warranty- There are no tricks, no catches; if its breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we will repair or replace no questions asked… :) All Link ECUS are 100% designed, developed & tested in New Zealand.

Brands Hatch Performance install and map ECU's every week, and Link have our full approval, One of the Most Advanced entry Level ECU's on the market with one of the best support networks out there.

We can also make or part make looms to your requirements.

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