Haltech CAN Keypads are NOW Compatible with the Elite Series ECUs.

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Elite ECUs now compatible with CAN Keypads

When the Nexus R5 VCU was introduced one of the first questions that got asked was: “Hey, when can we get one of those cool keypads for the Elite series ECUs?” Haltech are happy to announce that the Elite series ECUs are now compatible with the CAN Keypads.

Both 8 button and 15 button keypad versions are now compatible with Elite and Nexus series ECUs. The installation and setup are simple, but you need to be running at least version 3.03 firmware for Elite series ECU. 

NOTE: This update does not change the Haltech keypads in any way – they remain exactly the same. The code within the keypad itself has not changed, only the firmware and software for the ECU has been updated. If you purchased a keypad 6 months ago you can use that same keypad on your Elite series ECU now.

Available in 2×4 and 3×5 button configurations, these keypads expand the functionality of your Haltech ECU by adding extra inputs.

The backlight and LED indicator lights feature adjustable brightness and add clarity while tastefully blending with any car interior.

With soft-touch, ergonomically designed buttons, these keypads are easy to use and simple to configure. Vibration and impact resistant (IP67 rating) these keypads are rugged, robust and ready for action!

The keypads come supplied with a set of custom labels.

Each button can be set up as either a momentary or a toggle function. Momentary switches are used for things like staging creep control where the function stays on only for as long as you are holding the button down.

A toggle switch can be used for headlights where you press the button once for the lights to come on, and they stay on until the button is depressed a second time to turn the output off.

There are three LED status lights on each button; green, amber and red.

Green indicates the current state of the button (on or off).

Amber represents the output state of the function associated with the button. This LED is on if the function is outputting, for example, if the button is set up as a thermofan override, this amber light illuminates when the fan is ‘on’ regardless of whether it’s been triggered by engine temperature or the button.

Red indicates an error.

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