Haltech ECU New Products March 2022

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Haltech Power Distribution PD16 16 Channel *Available April 2022*

Power Distribution Reimagined!!!

Imagine a power distribution module fully integrated with your engine management system
Imagine never having to touch another fuse or relay
Imagine linking multiple power distribution modules on a single CAN bus
Imagine controlling your power distribution module with your ECU software
Introducing Haltech PD16 Power Distribution Module:

Power Distribution Module PD16 Haltech

• Full integration with Haltech systems - Directly compatible with Elite and NEXUS ECUs
• Single system control centre - Fully controlled via the NSP software
• Easily expandable - Link up to 4 x PD16s on a single Haltech CAN bus
 16 x Outputs (10 x 8A, 4 x 25A, 2 x HBO)
 8 x Inputs (4 voltage + 4 pulsed)
 1 x CAN bus

Haltech DC Motor Driver (DCMD)

Haltech DC Motor Driver (DCMD)

This driver has been designed to drive a DC motor like the Turbosmart Electric Wastegate or Varex systems. It can also be used to drive high-power, external electric throttle bodies.

Compatible with all Elite and NEXUS series devices, this 8A full-bridge DC Motor Driver will work in applications where the current requirements are higher than the Haltech Elite ECU’s stepper (1A) or DBW (3A) outputs can provide.

This driver can also be used with NEXUS devices where no HBO (8A) or HCO (25A) pins are available. The DCMD is rated for 8A continuous per channel, with a maximum current of 30A. Both channels can be controlled independently, ie “Control A” switches “Motor/Output A”.

With a maximum recommended switching speed of 2.2kHz, this driver box is perfect for connecting devices like the Turbosmart EWG to your Elite or NEXUS device.

NOTE: Native Turbosmart Electric Wastegate control is limited to Elite and NEXUS series devices and is not supported on Platinum series ECUs.

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