ECUMaster Can Bus Battery Isolator - Radlock or M8

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The Battery Isolator is a motorsport master relay device which can be used for FIA compliant battery isolation and engine shutdown.

Is the most lightweight solution possible. The device is designed for harsh motorsport environment and it weights only 83g. Lack of mechanical components ensures long life and high reliability.

The device has build in alternator load dump protection without need of external components. There is no risk of damage to expensive electronic equipment during emergency shutdown.

It is controlled with two external switches and can be shut down with CAN-bus message. The message can be sent from Ecumaster PMU unit in case of high impact or another event.

The device is configurable through CAN-bus. It also sends diagnostic information which can be used by other equipment and is valuable during device setup and diagnosis.

It is fully protected for overheating and over-current. State of the device is indicated with multi-color led light.


  • Weight: 83g

  • Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm x 38.5mm

  • Voltage range: 6V - 19V, 28V transient (12V automotive installations only)

  • Current capability: 300A continuous, peak up to 1000A

  • Current measurement resolution 4A

  • Current measurement range: -1000A to 1000A

  • Current measurement accuracy: ±10%

  • Inductive load switching capability: 600mJ

  • Enclosure: Anodized aluminium, IP67 rated

  • High current terminals: M8 nickel plated terminals

  • Signal connector: Deutsch ASX202-06PN (mating plug ASX602-06SN included)

  • Power save state current consumption: <1mA

  • ON state current consumption: ~20mA

  • Engine kill output: 3A, High (VBat), Low (GND) or Hi-Z 

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