SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacture of polyurethane suspension bushes, control arm, anti-roll bars and other suspension components for Modern, Classic and 4x4 vehicles. The unique proprietary blend of polyurethane SuperPro use provides an extremely durable material with the best features of both rubber and plastic.

Since the introduction of PU in the 80’s SuperPro have never stopped innovating, producing the following improvements.

  • Bullet Groves – Allowing for variances in control arms and spring eyes
  • Double -Helix Groves – Used inside the bush and outside surface od crush tube. Especially suitable for shackles.
  • Self -Lubrication – Extends bush durability, excludes contaminants, and assists polyurethane to flow into the grooves.
  • Voiding – Allows Polyurethane to be displaced into the grooves under load, reducing NVH.
  • Knurling – Reduces Surface area ensures unrestricted pivoting of control arms.