Cosworth Electronics Rubber Switch Panel - 10 or 20 switches

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The Cosworth Rubber Switch Panel (RSP) is a fully customisable rubber switch panel supporting up to 20 momentary push button switches in a variety of combinations, with tricolour LED status illumination on each switch.

  • The open/closed state of the push buttons is transmitted over CAN at 100Hz.
  • There are 4 independently controlled tricolour LEDs behind each switch to show the status.
  • The identification of each CAN packet defaults to values which are compatible with the existing Cosworth range of products including ECUs and Intelligent Power Management Systems (IPS32, IPS48).
  • The CAN identification addresses are stored in non-volatile memory and can be changed by using the RSP configuration menu which is available via the RS232 interface.

Key Features:

-Ultra slim waterproof switch panel

-Available in 10 or 20 switch variants

-Daylight visible LED backlighting with brightness control for day/night operation

-Fully compatible with all Cosworth IPS systems

-Designed for 12 / 24 Volt systems

-CAN bus operation

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