Nissan Skyline RB26 1000cc Bosch Multihole Injectors

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This is for a set of 6 Bosch multihole injectors and adaptors to fit in a Nissan RB26 Engine.

Black Anodised

Genuine UK Sourced Bosch Motorsport Injectors 1000cc /

Ev14 1000cc fuel injector in its unmodified form as it comes from Bosch.

Compatible Fuels: Pump Fuels 95/98, Race Fuels, Alcohols, All known Ethanol Blends including E85

Impedance: 12 Ohms

7 point Multi Hole High Impedance injectors.
This is a high performance, high volume racing fuel injector
The fuel delivery is from a 7-hole disc, incorporating a spray pattern for maximum fuel atomisation for modern single-valve and multi-valve engines.
All New Generation Bosch fuel injectors will function at rail pressures in excess of 101 PSI, 7 bar.
Will maintain consistency to a minimum pulse width of only 1.5 ms.
Excellent low pulse width response with predictable response down to 2ms.
Excellent atomisation for modern multi-valve engines.
Body Design: EV14, connector EV1, Composite plastic w/internal filter
Injector type: Saturated 12.5ohm High Impedance.
Fuel Nozzle: 7-hole disc - max atomisation
Flow rates: (All tests conducted using the industry standard Heptane).
  • 1000cc/min, 95 lbs/hr at 43.5 psi. (3.0 bar) - FORD SPECIFIC 80% DUTY CYCLE

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