Weber Alpha 35 Pin Replacement - Haltech Elite Plug & Play Kit

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Weber Alpha 35 Pin Replacement -  Haltech Elite Plug & Play Kit 

Haltech are the oldest aftermarket ECU manufacturer in the World, they are no big secret in the US and AUS but have only just opened a distribution centre and tech department in the UK. BHP are proud to be the UK's first premier dealer.
One of my first jobs was to make a direct plug and play ECU kit that fitted the Weber Alpha (35 Way) Loom without changing any parts under the bonnet (Crank Sensor Dependant), ECU's are supplied with a base map, please email us with engine spec once ordered so we can supply the correct base map to suit your setup.
All the ECU's will run the standard car directly and with some additional parts can provide a formidable combination of control and technology, we have produced kits based on the entry level 550, the slightly more advanced 750 and the mid range 1000, pretty much creating a package for all budgets.
All ECU's allow you to add extra Features that can be enabled with simple modifications including:
  • Honda K20 Coil on Plug conversion enabling true sequential spark and individual cylinder trims with a set of coils, brackets and sub loom.
  • Fuel trimming when fitted with a Wideband 02 controller like the Haltech WB1
  • Safety functions including fuel and oil pressure with addition sensors and sub loom.
  • OBD2 Fault codes with an OBD2 sub loom
  • Modern Dash via 2 wire  CAN BUS with a Haltech IC-7
The 550 is great if you just want to replace the old Weber and enjoy the advantages of modern engine management and the features and safety that comes with the upgrade, it will still run basic features like closed loop idle control, closed loop boost control and closed loop fuel control, it can also do basic launch control and enable some engine safety.
The 750 has all the features of the 550 adds long term fuel trim, flex fuel, Nitrous Control and Data Logging.
The 1000 has all the features of the 750 and adds access to advanced knock control and motorsport functions and Anti Lag.

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