SCS Delta 400S ECU

SCS Delta 400S ECU includes USB to Can Interface

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SCS Delta 400S is the smallest ECU in our range, but is still the fastest and most powerful ECU in its class - packed with features, lightweight and exceptional value too.

Flexible hardware configuration using our SXTune calibration software enables CAN bus integration and advanced control functions such as variable valve timing, closed loop boost and fuel control, coil on plug ignition and up to 6 fuel injector outputs.

Supporting fuel calculations based on either volumetric efficiency, or pulse-width based using TPS, MAP or combinations of both.


Compact fully sealed enclosure

Up to 4 cylinders direct ignition and sequential injection

Up to 6 cylinders wasted spark and sequential injection

Up to 8 cylinders wasted spark and batched injection

Wide range of original equipment trigger patterns supported

Maximum engine speed breakpoints up to 16,500rpm

Closed loop boost control with overboost fuel cut protection

Closed loop fuelling control (narrowband or wideband)

Selectable OEM CAN output for dashboards and PAS systems

Comprehensive launch control, switched or fully automatic

Anti-Lag system

Closed or open loop gear cut

Variable camshaft timing control for up to 2 camshafts

Launch control

Pit Lane speed limiter

Map Switching

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